THE MESSIANIC SECRET: Discovering the Lost Years and True Identity of Jesus
Liar, Lunatic, or Lord? Who was Jesus? This book explores many of the more popular New Age and Occult theories as to the identity of Jesus and the so-called "lost years" of His earthly life, between the ages of 12 and 30. Designed to be an easy and quick read for both the Apologist and the seeker, this book addresses such questions as:
  • Was Jesus an Essene?
  • Was He a pantheistic mystic?
  • Was He a universalist philosopher?
  • Did He travel to India and study with Hindu spiritual masters?
  • Did He travel to Tibet, studying with Buddhist monks?
  • Was He married, and did he start a "grail bloodline"?
We explore historical documents, examine pseudo-gospels, and dig into the New Testament and archaeology to find the answer to the Messianic Secret- who is Jesus? If you're a patron of the Expedition Truth program, you'll receive a free pdf copy of this fascinating apologetics book.