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Do We Have an Obligation to Obey Unjust Rulers?

When we see governments lying to citizens, enacting unjust social policies, and in more extreme cases engaging in genocide and other human rights violations it can be difficult to accept what the Apostle Paul wrote in Romans. Let's take a closer look at his statement and what it means in light of all the data. What Is the Purpose of Government? When we look at the obvious evils of governments, both past and present, the Apostle Paul's statement seems an impossible undertaking. After all, the genocides committed by such governments as the U.S.S.R., Castro's Revolutionary Government, the Khmer Rouge, and a host of other governments would seem to implicate God in those crimes.  After all, He established these governments, right? The Soviet Union is estimated to have murdered 61,000,000 people. The Khmer Rouge is estimated to have murdered approximately two million people, almost a quarter of the population of Cambodia. Castro's Socialist government is estimated to have sla

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