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Secrets of the Cathars

Popular books and films have romanticized many of the ancient heresies that have appeared over time. Through such books as Holy Blood, Holy Grail, The Da Vinci Code, and Messianic Legacy readers are introduced to the myth, weaved by various authors, that the Cathars were guardians of the “bloodline” of Christ and of a true, pure form of Christianity. We're to believe the Cathars were non-violent innocents who went to the stake or were put to the sword for no reason other than their holding the secrets the church didn't want known. Not to be dissuaded by the facts of history, such books ignore the true nature of the Cathars and historic discontinuity that this dangerous cult had with historical Apostolic Christianity. So what then is the true nature of the Cathar sect, and what are their real secrets? Catharism spread throughout all of Europe between the 11th and the 13th centuries, particularly in Languedoc (southern France), thus the alternative name Albigensian (from t

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