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Is Liturgy Just Dead Religion?

Liturgical worship is viewed by many Evangelicals as being dead religiosity; simply rote prayers with little to no worship in spirit and truth. Is this a true assessment of liturgical worship, and does this criticism accurately reflect the purpose of liturgy? 
The worship of 1st century Judaism in the Temple captivated the senses through music, community prayers, vestments, and incense, and yet it was instituted by God Himself. It wasn't simply and solely a matter of external ceremony. It was worship in spirit and truth, though not as yet in the fullness of truth. Christian worship is indeed intended to be an adoration in spirit and in truth; but it doesn't follow that it wasn't or can't have any external expression. Christ Himself practiced outward worship in the ceremonies of Judaism and in the institution of the Eucharist. It was He who instituted the sacraments of the church, and the sacraments are outward rites as well as means of interior sanctification. Outward…

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