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Auras: Does Science Prove They're Real?

Many New Age thinkers and adherents accept the existence of auras-human energy fields surrounding the body, and connected to one's health and spiritual consciousness or advancement, while Christian apologists have rejected the concept completely. For example, an article on the 'Compelling Truth' website states: "The belief in auras, which are supposed to help us identify feelings, experiences, health, or other qualities, is connected with psychics and is integral to the occult, New Age, Wicca, and witchcraft. Often, a clairvoyant or someone with supposed spiritual insight is needed to see or understand auras. Such practices are condemned in the Bible, as is spiritism and the use of mediums and psychics."1 While I certainly agree with the author's statements regarding the dangers and forbidden nature of the various occult systems and practices mentioned, I think there is also a simplistic approach here that fails to acknowledge the fact that, while all that Sac

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