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Toward a Holistic Apologetic Method

I ntroduction Apologetics has a significant presence in the Christian tradition, stretching from the various authors of the New Testament who sought to present evidence for their faith in Jesus as the Messiah, to the Church Fathers as they struggled with various heretical teachings that arose within the young Church and the Pagan cultural milieu in which they lived, down to the modern era wherein we see the Church responding to Atheistic Naturalism, radical theories in sexuality, family and governance. In each era the Church has had to learn new methods for effectively responding to questions and challenges to biblical beliefs and the biblical worldview. In the Twenty-first century it is important that  we too take stock of the scope and methods of our apologetic heritage with an eye toward changing  and adapting where necessary. It is no longer sufficient to rely on one approach. Post-modern society,  having moved to the logical end of the errors of the Enlightenment, demands an apol

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