The Argument from Love

Peter Kreeft wrote, "Love is the greatest of miracles. How could an evolved ape create the noble idea of self-giving love? Human love is a result of our being made to resemble God, who himself is love. If we are made in the image of King Kong rather than in the image of King God, where do the saints come from?" 

Indeed the purely Materialist conception of Man cannot adequately account for selfless, sacrificial love, which argues for the existence of a transcendent source of love; a source that is outside nature.

1. Man experiences self-giving love.
2. The survival instinct required by Materialism cannot include self-giving love.
3. Self-giving love then must be transcendent to mere survival instinct.
4. Therefore, self-giving love must have a transcendent cause.

1. Peter Kreeft, Your Questions, God Answers, p.105, Ignatius Press (1994)