The Spiritual Reality Behind Leftist Christophobia

"He who wants to play the angel ends up the beast.."-Blaise Pascal
Few of us can escape the absurd claims tossed around by Leftist politicians and social activist of various sorts of "phobias". The most common slurs (outside that of the charge of racism) are Islamophobia, Transphobia, and Homophobia. Christians and conservative Republicans are most often the targets of these slurs. This war on Christianity has been waging for many years and is nothing new. While it began as an attack on the institution of the church itself, it has moved on to attack theologically orthodox clergy, and the Christian faith in general. Christians have even been accused of being terrorists by the more radical Social Justice advocates.
The current tone of the war and the form it takes is increasingly hostile. The "New Atheists" and Leftists of Post-Modernism clearly hate Christianity without even a decent philosophical basis upon which to make an argument against it. Post-Modern Leftists have made it enough to simply level accusations and to slap labels on Christians and Christianity, which are then taken up by fellow radicals on social media, and from there they find their way into mainstream media sources. This new breed of would-be persecutors of Christians even attack Jesus Himself in the most vile of terms. In a sense, we Christians should be thankful, since they're not pretending to be reasonable any longer, nor are they paying lip service to dialogue. Their goal is now clear, open, and obvious: the eradication of Christianity and of all that ennobles man.
At almost any other point in history, save the days of the ancient Pagan empires when Christians were tortured and fed to wild animals for entertainment, their disgusting displays of hatred, their vile attacks on Christ Himself, and their unreasonable screeches would have been met with the contempt of a healthy culture. Unfortunately, as these very same people are driving the culture, no such response is ever really meted out, save in a few conservative outlets, which too find themselves increasingly silenced. Leftist politicians support their cohorts in their displays of hatred, excusing even acts of violence, while the mainstream media acts as a propaganda ministry for the most radical and revolutionary elements in the Leftist ranks. This isn't mere rhetoric or polemic, but facts. This leads us to ask why this happened. What is the motivation for the violence, the anti-Christian, anti-Western civilization pogroms that receive such assistance, even from governmental authorities who are bound to protect the liberties enumerated in the Bill of Rights?
They might certainly claim, in Post-Modern terms alone, that they are simply exercising these very rights and certain sentiments derived therefrom; specifically freedom of thought and tolerance for diversity of opinion. However, what is abundantly clear is, in their claimed tolerance for other religions, or political and social ideologies, they're blatantly violating their own stated principle when it comes to Christianity and a conservative social viewpoint. They're like their Jacobin predecessors whose motto was, “there shall be no freedom for the enemies of freedom.” Tolerance for the Leftist is really a buzzword for the intolerance of anything that contradicts their current goals and manufactured "oppressed vs. oppressor" warfare. They tolerate what they can make use of, and the rest becomes the targeted enemy. Leftist ideologies always take hateful and violent form, as their history has demonstrated time and time again. It is in the very bloodstream of all Leftist socio-political ideologies, and sooner or later always manifests.
The violent rhetoric and actions of the Left can also be explained by the fact that our cultures in the West are no longer recognizably Christian, having become secular, immoral, and significantly debauched. This is an encouragement to the Leftist to accelerate the destruction of Christian influence and of Christianity proper. This alone tells us they're not motivated by freedom or tolerance, but by hate, intolerance, and a desire to control the inner lives of the masses as well as the external, material lives. Again, this is the hallmark of all Leftist ideology, to which history attests.
These screaming, blue haired, black masked Leftist thugs betray in their rhetoric and actions an even deeper reality. That is, they reveal without conscious effort their deep rooted hatred for all that has been noble and inspiring throughout the history of the West. A hatred for the self sacrifice of the noble warrior. A hatred for the explorer and conqueror. A plebeian hatred for hard work leading to prosperity on some level, because they lack the character to rise to such heights themselves. Perhaps this is part of the reason they hate Jesus as well. While rejecting Him as God incarnate, they can't avoid Him as the perfect man, to whom, by comparison, all are put to shame. They hate Jesus Christ because He doesn't allow them to sin without agitating their conscience and reminding them of their own miserable condition.
This is also why the culture they're producing is steeped in nihilism. Man, without a greater cause isn't able to find enough in himself alone to make life worthwhile.
We can take two things from this. First, human nature has a propensity to debase what is high, because Inherited Depravity pulls man down to the most base of animal instincts. And second, that in our culture, where Self has become a god, and therefore everything that the true God says is sinful is now permitted, there is a propensity, well-rooted in sinful man's demand for sovereignty, to extol as the perfection of man’s freedom what used to be considered the most vile of actions and opinions. 

As Blaise Pascal wrote, “He who wants to play the angel ends up the beast,”


  1. A brutal analysis, but I fear an accurate one. The emperor has no clothes and knows that he doesn't; yet he still pretends to, and he receives the adulation of the populace.

    1. I could have been far more brutal. I exercised significant charity. Thank you for reading and commenting. You're welcome to interact as often as you wish.


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