Expedition Truth is hosted by J. Davila-Ashcraft, and dedicated to answering the questions of sincere spiritual seekers, as well as the promotion of deeper thought in the areas of Christian apologetics, theology, and philosophy. One of the problems with the bulk of Christian thought today is that it lacks the serious depth invested in it by previous generations of Church Fathers and theologians of note. It is for this reason that Expedition Truth exists. That is, to aid the church in restoring its intellectual and spiritual inheritance and thereby enabling it to better defend the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Modernity, the prevailing culture of "the world", has begun to impact Christians, such that they are content with a superficial and even Relativist approach to their faith. One of the ways we can confront this spiritual danger is to answer the objections/questions of seekers, promote serious theological and philosophical discussion, media, books, and in-depth biblical studies that introduce believers to the vast depths of Christian philosophy, theology, and traditional Western Christian culture, and bring that intellectual treasury to bear on modern issues. That is the work of Expedition Truth Radio. We air live every Thursday, from 7 to 9 p.m. eastern, and the show is heard in 106 countries. You can listen live HERE.



Apr. 2: Author and Composer HENRY DOKTORSKI on his books Killing for Krishna and Eleven Naked Emperors, detailing the criminal activities and institutional abuses/cult-like history of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness.

Apr. 9: Author and Professor, Dr. Philip Brown, holds a PhD in Old Testament Interpretation. He joins us to discuss the Hebrew Roots Movement and the relationship of the Christian to the Old Testament Law.

Apr. 16: Author and Professor of New Testament Studies, DR. DARRELL BOCK will join us to explore the truth behind the Historical Jesus.

Apr. 23: Author and Professor of Islamic, World, and African History at Ohio State University, DR. TIMOTHY FURNISH joins us to discuss Islam, Shariah, and the Mahdi.

APR. 30: TBA

May 7: TBA

May 14-DR. IKE MILLER is an author and holds a PhD in Theology from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, in addition to serving as pastor of Bright City Church in Durham, NC. He joins us to discuss his book Seeing By The Light, an exploration of Illumination (understanding God's revelation) in the Christian tradition.

May 28: 1st hour: Author, Biblical Scholar, and authority on Semitic Languages, DR. MICHAEL HEISER will discuss what the Sacred Scriptures actually say about the spirit realm.
2nd hour: Dr. Paul Maxwell, #1 best selling author of Mastering Christian Philosophy joins us to discuss the problem of Feminism in church and culture.


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