The Apostolic Torch

The Apostolic Torch is a quarterly independently published journal of biblical early Christian thought as it encounters culture, politics, the sciences and world religion. By early Christian it is meant that the focus is on Patristics, as well as orthodox biblical theology. While all articles will meet this criteria, we allow for responsible divergent points of view.

Editorial Guidelines
The purpose of The Apostolic Torch is to advance the cause of biblical orthodoxy and the restoration of the spirit, polity and practices of the early church, while addressing issues of concern and interest to the modern mind.

All articles chosen for publication remain the sole property of their respective authors. Contributors submitting articles for inclusion understand and agree that they are giving us permission to publish this article one time, and that no payment will be made in any form. Contributors may receive a pdf copy of the issue their article appears in at request.

The character of the journal is as follows: It is our conviction that the Sacred Scriptures, both Old and New Testaments, are the infallible, inspired Word of God. We also believe that the Christian Faith is the vehicle of the orthodox teachings of Jesus Christ and His Apostles, and that this faith is expressed in its purest form in the Ante-Nicene church. While we cling tenaciously to the spiritual heritage that comes to us from our Lord and His Apostles in the early church, we also recognize that every issue of modern Man must be brought to this touchstone of faith.

We maintain a high level of scholarship, and publish only those articles that demonstrate a decidedly orthodox biblical worldview.

All article submissions must be made in 12 pt. Times Roman font, and in pdf format. Footnotes should be included at the end of the article, including sources cited. Send all submissions to: