Exorcism Q and A

Due to my radio and television appearances, I frequently receive email questions asking about the intersection of Christian counseling and spiritual warfare/exorcism. I want to stress that the biblical study of spiritual warfare, occult bondage, and "exorcism" is a very tiny part of my overall ministry. I do not constantly dwell on the topic, but rather on Christ and His Gospel. Still, I understand there is some curiosity regarding the topic, and in the interest of providing orthodox Christian answers, I provide the following more commonly asked questions. 

Q: Do you charge a fee? 
I do not charge fees for my assistance, and strongly discourage anyone from accepting help from those who do. 

Q: What do you need to know about my experiences?
When contacting me, please provide a full synopsis of your experience, including the names and contact information for any witnesses, as well as any audio or visual evidence you may have.

Q: Will you be working with me, or will it be someone else?
I am only one person, and have limited time and resources. Thus, I cannot respond to each claim personally. Be prepared to be contacted by a clergyman local to you for evaluation of your claims, and for pastoral counseling.

Q: What if I am not a Christian?
If you are not a Christian, understand that before we can help you, you will need to have a relationship with Jesus Christ. The answers we provide are going to be Christ centered. It would do little good to provide those answers if you are not in a relationship with Christ. For example, if you are a "psychic" or a "wiccan", or working with such occultists, we cannot help you until and unless you disavow such activities. The long term safety of a relationship with Christ is the only guarantee of spiritual health. I can, however, help you establish such a relationship, and would consider it a blessing to do so.

Q: How do you handle claims?
The first step in Christian counseling with regard to claims of preternatural activity, or of occult bondage, is investigation of all claims. What we do in this process is determine whether the person contacting us is in need of our assistance, or if there are other plausible reasons for the perceived phenomenon, such as medical, psychological, or environmental issues. This is a vital step that saves a lot of time and helps ensure that the person seeking help has their physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual needs met. If we were to enter into a case with the preconceived notion that every person is in need of exorcism, we would not really be helping, and those who do so may add very dangerous imagery to potential psychological or medical issues that could be the true cause of the perceived activity.

We are not psychologists, psychiatrists, nor medical professionals, and we do not offer such advice. All claimants will be encouraged to seek the counsel of such professionals right at the start. The pastoral counselor to whom we refer you will also make any recommendations he deems necessary for your health and safety.

Q: Are there any other conditions for help?
Before a person can be considered for help they must meet the following requirements: 

a. They must have a living relationship with Christ- Again, it is only in a relationship with Christ that any truly lasting help can be gained. How can there be effective spiritual counsel without the confession of sins and salvation in Christ? It is vital that the person be baptized and regularly be a part of a church community for some time.

b. They must be willing to give up all areas of willful sin- Example: If one enjoys pornography and is unwilling to give it up, then it will be nearly impossible to cast out a demon that may be oppressing them with obsessive thoughts and diabolic temptation regarding sexual perversions without it coming right back. They must be willing to destroy these strongholds. Furthermore-and this is very important-they must be willing to communicate about their past openly with their pastor, counselor, etc.

Q: What church/denomination do you work with?
I work with many different churches, including Anglican, Wesleyan, Methodist, Holiness, and other orthodox evangelical churches.

Q: What if the problem is my house/property? Can you help?
Certainly we can help, but the criteria is the same as for personal counseling. A minister can bless your property, but if you have no real relationship with Christ, or indulge in willfull sin, then we will not likely be very successful. Real faith that is demonstrated by the fruits of the Holy Spirit is a necessity in any situation like this.

While I do occasionally do interviews over the topic of spiritual warfare and exorcism, I do not discuss the details of any cases brought to me, nor do I pass on contact information for those who come to me for help. I will also not engage in any level of spiritual warfare on camera and/or for entertainment purposes. I am open to speaking on the topic without compromising the privacy of those who turn to me for help, and while maintaining the standards expected of clergy.

I do speak on the topic from time to time (as requested), as well as teach both laity and pastors on the topic. I do not charge a fee to do so, but an offering for time and any materials is always appreciated, though not necessary. If your church, small group, or conference would like to book me, please feel free to contact me.

Have a question not answered here? Email me and I will try to answer it promptly.