It is important for Christians to know what resources are available to help them understand their faith, apply it, and defend it. To that end I provide the following list of websites and other resources that I have found most valuable. Simply click on the titles to be taken to each resource.


If you're looking for archaeological evidences to support the historicity of the Bible, this is an excellent resource. The organization publishes Bible and Spade, a scholarly journal of biblical archaeology. They carry out archaeological digs and research throughout the ancient Near East, as well as provide educational programs for every level. This is an organization that is fully committed to the authenticity of the Bible.

This is the ministry of Dr. William Lane Craig, perhaps the foremost Apologetics scholar and philosopher in the Evangelical world. His books are required reading in nearly every Apologetics course in Bible colleges and seminaries around the world. You'll find plenty of resources here that are free, as well as transcripts of his many debates with Atheists. While I disagree with Dr. Craig on a few issues, this website should be your first stop for Apologetics.

The C.S. Lewis Institute works in tandem with RZIM (Ravi Zacharias International Ministries), and offers online Apologetics training programs, as well as the Institutes own Fellows Program. The Institute also publishes a scholarly journal that is very much on the level of both undergraduate and postgraduate theological studies.

This website features the work of Apologist Greg Koukl. The website offers a podcast, videos, and a plethora of articles. It also offers online Apologetics training courses.

RZIM offers a podcast and training opportunities for those interested in Apologetics, but who either don't have the time to attend a college, or simply don't have the funds to do so.

Dr. Mark Bird, Professor of Theology at God's Bible College (Cincinnati, OH.), and frequent contributor to articles and books at Answers in Genesis, wrote this book to be a help to pastors, Sunday school teachers, and small group leaders, in equipping believers to defend their faith. I've personally gone through Dr. Bird's Apologetics courses, and have used this book. I find it an excellent beginning point for anyone interested in Apologetics, from teen to adult. This book also has a companion student's workbook.


Thomas Oden's examination of the resurgence of traditional Christian spirituality, orthodox doctrinal integrity, moral accountability, and the Traditionalist Christian appreciation for community worship.

Thomas Oden critiques Modernity and explores the necessary steps to recovering classical Christianity.

Thomas Oden's systematic theology written for clergy, students, and laity alike.


A version of the earliest Christian writing outside the New Testament, edited by Mark Whitten.


J. Davila Ashcraft presents an examination of the many popular myths regarding the historical Jesus; myths such as the married Jesus, Jesus in India, the Buddhist Jesus, Jesus the vegetarian, and others. Using the approach of C.S. Lewis, that Jesus is either a liar, a lunatic, or the Lord, Ashcraft demonstrates the fallacious nature of the myths and the trustworthiness of the New Testament witness to Jesus as exactly who He said He is.


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