My Mission

The main mission of this website is the defense of the Christian Faith and the Faithful. This demands a strong foundation in Theology, Philosophy and Biblical Studies on the part of not only clergy but also laity. This website seeks to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ and all that pertains to it to every facet of life. 

This work is primarily accomplished through interviews, articles, literature, seminars, conferences and seminary courses offered at churches, various Christian gatherings and schools of higher learning.

In addition, in pursuit of defending the Faithful, Fr. Ashcraft trains priests, pastors, ministers and to a lesser extent laity in various orthodox Christian denominations in the theology and methodology of spiritual combat and exorcism, according to the traditions of the Apostles and the experience of the Church for 2000 years.

Main Issues

Because of our loyalty to Sacred Scripture, Apostolic Tradition, Reason guided by the Holy Spirit & our adherence to the basic principles of the English Reformation, we understand that we will encounter resistance and ridicule. Much of that resistance will undoubtedly come from many of those who think themselves to be Christians, when in fact they are apostates, advocating heresies and social ideologies that are in direct conflict with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Such resistance is an expected part of our ministry, since what we are called by our Lord to do confronts the dark powers inspiring the very ideologies we reject and expose. (Ephesians 5:11)

The decline of the Church and of orthodox Christianity in culture is caused by a crisis of faith emanating primarily from the pulpits and seminaries, pastors and professors themselves having apostatized. There is no point today of the Nicene Creed that is not contested by clergy, professors, etc., whether it's the divine nature of Our Lord, the salvation of the world through His crucifixion, the fact of His resurrection, or the foundation of the Church.

This ministry, on the other hand, adheres to the Faith, unchanged and unchangeable, passed down by the Apostles and Church Fathers. It represents no special teachings but lives from the Faith witnessed in Sacred Scripture and the early Church. 

We insist that man is called to an eternal life with God, but there is also eternal hell for those who die away from God in sin. We are therefore not indifferent to what man believes and to which religion he belongs.

Sadly, many confusing and erroneous ideas have weakened and continue to weaken the modern understanding of the truth. These false teachings draw souls away from God.

Stirred by a desire to fulfill the command of Christ to make disciples, we seek to expose the grave dangers various socio-political, philosophical & spiritual ideologies and dogmas pose to the ultimate happiness both of every individual and of society as a whole. In short, we take James 4:7 to heart.