Free Literature

We are working to provide you with pdf copies of the writings of the Church Fathers, plus other Bible study, discipleship, and Patristics oriented materials. All of this free of charge. Click on any title to download it. I do ask that if they are used, proper attribution be given as to their source. More resources will be added, so keep checking back! Please pray for this ministry that we might be able to grow and continue to bless those searching for Christ and the early Christian church.


The Epistles of Ignatius

The Epistle of Barnabas

Justin Martyr's First Apology

The Didache

The Apology of Aristides

John Chrysostom's First Sermon

Chrysostom: Against the Hippodromes and Theaters

Hermias the Philosopher

Eusebius: The Martyrs of Palestine

The Writings of Tertullian

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