Expedition Truth Radio

Expedition Truth Radio, airing live every Thursday from 7 to 8 pm eastern on the KCOR Digital Radio Network, and uploaded every Friday to YouTube and Bitchute, is a one hour radio program dedicated to the defense of the orthodox Christian Faith as well as the promotion of serious academic level thought in traditionalist Christian theology, philosophy, literature, and social teaching. One of the most tragic realities of the Church in Modernity is the loss of much of the depth brought to the Church by previous generations of godly men. Expedition Truth seeks to recapture the intellectual rigor the Church once possessed and bring the intellectual heritage of our past to bear on contemporary issues. Unfortunately, far too many who claim the title 'Christian' do so superficially and do not understand what Christians believe, why we believe it, how to defend it, and the demands it makes on every disciple of Christ. One of the ways to combat this problem is to present guests who are experts in their fields, scholars and theologians of upstanding character and significant knowledge, to present information that can draw listeners into the depth and richness of Christian thought. In doing so we always keep in mind that none of that is possible without a sincere and significant indebtedness to the traditions of the Christian Faith and a commitment to keep those traditions. It is for this reason that Expedition Truth exists. 

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