As a result of his appearances on various television and radio programs, Father Ashcraft is often asked about exorcism and spiritual warfare. He is always willing to answer questions and point someone in the right direction for help, and the following are points anyone should know who seeks help from him. We do not use any occult methods, nor do we work with "psychics", "Old Catholics", Gnostics, Wiccans, Pagans, New Age adherents, or any other such occultists and heretics, so please be aware of this. We will work with Anglicans and other Evangelical ministers who are biblically orthodox. We do not charge for our services or time. Anyone who requests payment for exorcism or "deliverance" ministry is very likely a fraud.

Those seeking help should be aware of several things:

1. When contacting us, please provide a full synopsis of your experiences, including the names and contact information for any witnesses, as well as any audio or visual evidence you may have.

2. Be prepared to be contacted by someone qualified for evaluation of your case. They are well trained and know what to ask and what to look for. Non-cooperation means we will dismiss your case.

3. If you are not a Christian, understand that before we can help you with any potential case you will need to be a convert to the Christian faith. If, for example, you have a valid case, but you are a "psychic", "wiccan", or working with such occultists, we cannot help you. The long-term safety of a relationship with Jesus Christ is the only thing that will help you.

4. Be prepared to seek pastoral counseling with a minister in your area, and for us to communicate your claims to that minister so he can better serve your spiritual needs.

5. Be prepared to get a medical examination, and/or to be referred to the appropriate mental health professionals in your area. We are not physicians or psychologists, and we cannot assist you with those sorts of issues.

The first step in our pastoral counseling is investigation of all claims. What we do in this process is determine whether the person contacting us is really in need of exorcism/deliverance ministry, whether they simply need their property blessed, or if there are other plausible reasons for the perceived phenomenon. This is a vital step that sometimes takes a lot of time and helps ensure that the clients physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual needs are met. If we were to enter into a case with the preconceived notion that every person is in need of exorcism, we would not really be helping, and may add very dangerous imagery to potential psychological or medical issues that could be the true cause of the perceived activity. 

Before a person can be considered for help they must meet the following requirements: 

a) Convert to the Christian Faith-If they are not a Christian, then it is extremely difficult to help them. How can there be deliverance from evil without the confession and forgiveness of sins, or without the baptism of Christ's Church? It is vital that the person be baptized and regularly be a part of a church community for some time. We can help you choose a church in your area if you don't have one you attend.

b) Give up all areas of willful sin-Example: If a client enjoys pornography and is unwilling to give it up, then it will be nearly impossible to cast out a demon that may be oppressing them with obsessive thoughts and diabolic temptation regarding sexual perversions without it coming right back. They must be willing to destroy these strongholds. Furthermore, and this is very important; they must be willing to communicate about their past openly with their pastor and counselor.


Father Ashcraft is often asked to be on radio programs and television programs, and is happy to do so with the understanding that he will not discuss the specifics of cases, which he views as a breach of trust and a violation of a client's privacy. He will also will not perform an exorcism on any television program. No legitimate exorcist will. He will however discuss the complexities of exorcism ministry, the theology behind it, and some of the commonly observed manifestations of a demonic presence. 

Feel free to email Rev. J. Davila Ashcraft for interview requests at:  jack.ashcraft@gbs.edu