The Author

Speaking on the campus of the University of Cincinnati.
In addition to his scholarly work in the fields of Theology and Apologetics, J. Davila-Ashcraft has been a contributor to, a Christian news and opinion site, and author of The Messianic Secret, an examination and refutation of the many myths offered regarding the so-called "lost years" of Jesus. He has been a both a host and guest on radio and television discussing such issues as demonology, exorcism, spiritual warfare and the paranormal from a decidedly biblical point of view.

In that capacity he has appeared on The Travel Channel, consulted on programming for National Geographic Channel and CNN, and been a featured guest on such radio programs as Art Bell, The Josh Tolley Show, Erskine Overnight, A View From The Bunker, Fade To Black, and more.

He is a member of the Evangelical Philosophical Society, The Society of Evangelical Arminians, and ordained through the Evangelical Episcopal Communion. He is a proponent of a return to the principles and practices of the Early Church and student of Thomas Oden's "paleo orthodoxy", and is currently working on a Master's degree.

He has taught and lectured at the collegiate, conference, and congregational levels on spiritual warfare ministry, exorcism, Christian demonology, the Christian worldview, apologetic issues, and related topics.