The Author

Speaking on the campus of the University of Cincinnati.
In addition to his scholarly work in the fields of Theology and Apologetics, J. Davila-Ashcraft has been a contributor to, a Christian news and opinion site, and author of The Messianic Secret, an examination and refutation of the many myths offered regarding the so-called "lost years" of Jesus. He has been a guest on both radio and television discussing such issues as demonology, exorcism, spiritual warfare and the paranormal from a decidedly biblical point of view.

He is recognized for his expertise in the area of exorcism ministry and has lectured and taught the subject at both the collegiate and congregational levels. In that capacity he has also appeared on The Travel Channel, consulted on programming for National Geographic Channel, and been a featured guest on such radio programs as Art Bell, The Josh Tolley Show, Erskine Overnight, Fade To Black, and more.

He is a member of the Evangelical Philosophical Society, The Society of Evangelical Arminians, and ordained through the Evangelical Episcopal Communion. He is a proponent of a return to the principles and practices of the Early Church and student of Thomas Oden's "paleo orthodoxy", and is currently working on a Master's degree.