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In addition to his scholarly work in the fields of Patristics and Apologetics, Rev. J. Davila-Ashcraft holds a B.A. in Biblical and Theological Studies from God's Bible College in Cincinnati, Ohio, which boasts such notables as Oswald Chambers and Martin Wells Knapp, and is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Apologetics. He served as Associate Pastor of Good Shepherd Mission in Kentucky, has been a contributor to (a Christian news and opinion site), and is the author of The Messianic Secret, an examination and refutation of the many myths regarding the so-called "lost years" of Jesus, defending the historical trustworthiness of the four Gospels of the New Testament. He has been both a host and guest on radio and television, discussing such issues as current events, biblical theology, demonology, exorcism, spiritual warfare and the paranormal from a decidedly Christian point of view.

In that capacity he has appeared on The Travel Channel, consulted on programming for National Geographic Channel and CNN, and been a featured guest on such radio programs as Art Bell, The Josh Tolley Show, Erskine Overnight, Derek Gilbert's "A View From The Bunker", Fade To Black, Beyond Reality, and more.

He is a member of the Evangelical Philosophical Society, an Anglican minister, and is married to his wife of 19 years. He is the host of TRUTH ALOUD an Apologetics podcast. He has taught and lectured on the theology and methodology of spiritual warfare and exorcism at the college level, as well as at conferences and churches.

Jack (r. rear) Presenting to a Philosophy Group
He is available to speak at your church, conference, or as a guest on radio and television. His presentations are exciting and informative, covering all aspects of Spiritual Warfare, as well as Apologetics issues from the Arguments for the Existence of God, to the so-called "Lost Years" of Jesus, and other frequently asked questions on UFOs, Angels, Cults and the Occult. His presentations are always focused on the truths and absolute reliability of the Bible in all matters. Jack is an experienced speaker and is willing to travel for speaking engagements, conferences, churches, etc. His goal is to deliver as much content as possible in the time given, without sacrificing clarity or time for one on one interaction with participants who may have questions.

All inquiries should be sent by email to:

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