Sexual Purity Through Consecration: A Sermon on I Thessalonians 4:3-7

Rotten Fruit: A Sermon on Proverbs 4:23-27

Responding to Trials God's Way: A Sermon on James 1:1-4

Abide In Me: A Sermon on John 15:1-8

The Sword: A Sermon on Hebrews 4:12-13

The Strange Woman: A Book of Proverbs Study

What About Hell?

Repentance and the Church Militant

Dead to Sin

The Head Covering and Gender Roles: Part One

The Head Covering and Gender Roles: Part Two

Modesty Is Always Beautiful

Living Faith

Divine Mercy

Judge Not, You Hypocrite!

Church Fathers on the Resurrection

Chrysostom on the Passion and Eucharist

Ignatius of Antioch: Epistle to Polycarp

The Martyrdom of Polycarp

The Passion of the Scillitan Martyrs

Ignatius of Antioch: Epistle to the Church in Smyrna

Tertullian on Prayer

A Brief Look at the Deacon in the Early Church

A Brief Look at the Deaconess in the Early Church

What the Early Christians Believed About Mary

What the Early Church Believed About Apostolic Succession

The Martyrdom of Saturninus, Bishop of Toulouse

Your Cruelty Is Our Glory

Letter of Polycarp to the Philippians

Basil's Exhortation to Baptism

The Martyrdom of Perpetua and Felicity

Chrysostom on Drunkenness and Festivals

Justin Martyr: God's Government

Justin Martyr on the Liturgy

Hippolytus of Rome on Aristotle, Stoics and Pagans

Epistle of Ignatius to the Philadeplhians

The Qualifications of a Presbyter in the Early Church

Hippolytus of Rome on the Anti-Christ

Origen: The Four Moods of Prayer

Barnabas on Jesus the Messiah

The Beard: A Biblical and Early Christian Perspective

Early Christian Daily Prayer

The Early Church on Government

The Confession of Padraig

Apostolic Succession in Judaism and Christianity

The Early Church on Holiness

What the Early Church Believed About Communion

What the Early Church Believed About the Age of Accountability

What the Early Church Believed About God's Foreknowledge And Man's Free Moral Agency

What the Early Church Believed About Election

What the Scriptures and Early Church Say on Speaking in Tongues

The Anti-Christ and the Tribe of Dan

What the Early Church Believed About the Watchers: Part 1

What the Early Church Believed About the Watchers: Part 2

The Church Fathers and the Woman's Headcovering

The Way of the Cross: A Scriptural Meditation on the Passion

Wandering Thoughts

An Early Christian Eucharist

An Early Christian Baptismal Rite

Pastoral Counseling

Jesus and Discipleship

The Early Christian Agape Meal

An Early Christian First Communion

An Early Christian Episcopal Consecration

Spiritual Viruses: A Meditation on Mental Holiness

An Early Christian Morning Prayer Service

An Early Christian Evening Prayer Service

Liturgy is Biblical

Footwashing: The Neglected Command

The Lesson of Sedamsville Rectory

The Early Christian Reception of Penitents

An Early Christian Burial Rite

Accountability Questions

God and Man: Does It Matter?

Eternal Generation

The Sabbath: An Examination of Universal Principles and Specific Applications

Guilt and Sin Offerings in the Old Testament

Thoughts on Spiritual Warfare

John Wesley and the Witness of the Spirit

The Theological Significance of a Literal, Historical Adam

The Origin of the Human Soul: Soul Creation vs. Traducianism

The Pauline Theology of Pastoral Teaching

Where Was Jesus During the Three Days He Was Buried?

The Journey of Salvation and Sanctification

The Holy Angels

What Is A Presbyter?

The Ethics of Love, Part One

The Ethics of Love, Part Two

Biblical Inerrancy

The Social Nature of God and the Image of God in Humanity

Q & A on Inherited Depravity

Justification and Sanctification

Love Discriminates: Social Responsibility in the Execution of Agape

The Law: Done Away With, Or Useful For Christians?

The Superiority of Christ and the New Covenant

Revelation: What Is It?

The Supernatural: A Brief Theological Examination

Natural Law and Eternal Law

Mind/Body Dualism

The Mithraic Lie

Teleology and the Refutation of Organized Naturalism

Considering the Historical Evidence: Is the New Testament Reliable?

Did the Nicene Council Remove Books From the Bible?

A Lesson on Evil

The Problem of Evil

Defending the Bible

"Christianity Has Been on the Wrong Side of History.."

Fringe "Historians" Gleeful Over 16th Century Hoax

Are Humans Just Animals?

Can Truth Be Found In Other Religions?

Was Jesus Married?

Was Jesus an Essene?

Was Jesus a Mystical Guru?

Was Jesus a Vegetarian Animal Rights Activist?

Was Jesus In India?

The Lost Years of Jesus

Right Thinking About God

Concepts of Time and Eternity

Worldviews in Conflict

A Brief Examination of Pragmatism

A Brief Examination of Feminist Theology

A Biblical Examination of Homosexuality

The Gnostic Jesus: A Brief Examination

Christian Mysticism

Atheistic Naturalism is Paganism

Interview on A View From the Bunker: The Lost Years of Jesus?

Faith: An Apologetic Examination

The Relationship of Apologetics to Theology

A Defense of the Ontological Value of the Primary Notions and Principles of Reason

The Roman Heresy: Papal Claims of Universal Jurisdiction and Infallibility Critically Examined

Consciousness: What Is It?

Egalitarianism vs. Biblical Complementarianism

The Sensus Divinitatis

The Cybernetic Messiah: Transhumanism and Artificial Intelligence

Apologetics and the Ruins of Post-Modernity

Acts 15 and Judaizing

The Heresies of Brennan Manning

Self Realization I: Materialism and the Existential Questions

Self Realization II: The Question of Identity

Self Realization III: The Identity and Origin of Self

Self Realization IV: Purpose and Meaning

A Real Life Hunger Games?

Biofeedback: A Brief Examination

The Error of Cultural Relativism

What is Truth?


Radical Environmentalism: What Is The Christian Response?

The American Revolution: A Violation of Romans 13?

The Modernist and Marxist Infiltration of the Vatican

Tertullian on the Injustice of Christian Persecution

Set Apart: The Early Christian Model of Counter-Culture

Cultural Marxism and the Racist College Campus

The Earth Charter and Pope Francis


The Celtic Church: Myths and Reality

Gnosticism: Ancient and Modern

John Wesley and Apostolic Succession

John's Gospel: What Do We Know?

Facts on the Nicene Council

Heroes of the Faith: Jacobus Arminius

Heroes of the Faith: Tertullian

Heroes of the Faith: John Wesley

Heroes of the Faith: Athanasius of Alexandria

The Hebrew Roots Error

Usury is a Sin

Millennials and the Church

Bishop Joseph Butler and Charismatic Chaos

The Historical John Calvin: Saint of Tyrant?

Enoch Reconsidered

Bob Larson: Exorcist or Opportunist?