Exciting News Regarding the Future of this Ministry

When I started this website back in 2016, it was simply meant to be a place where my research into the early church, as well as my academic papers, could be stored, accessed, and read by others interested in the subject. However, as I deepened my studies in pursuit of a Masters degree, it soon grew to include my research on theological topics, apologetics, culture, and metapolitics. In the midst of all of this, I soon discerned a calling to engage in active philosophical apologetics ministry, and utilized this website to that end. As some of you know, I've appeared on numerous radio and television programs in this capacity, such as the Josh Tolley Show, Art Bell, A View From the Bunker, Erskine Overnight, The Jesse Lee Peterson Show, and many more. I've also had the opportunity to work with CNN, National Geographic, and the Travel Channel. I established a YouTube channel recently, only to discover that in December, new TOS will likely see our channel removed, since the new guidelines stipulate that if YouTube determines that your channel isn't financially viable for them, they will remove it. This means many Christian conservative channels there will very likely be removed. In addition, COPPA goes into effect in January, making YouTube a bit sketchy to be on regardless. For more on that I suggest viewing THIS video by a social media attorney. While these have all been exciting adventures God has brought my way, one of the things I've realized is that, if this ministry is to  be at all effective, it cannot rely on YouTube, continue to limit itself to this website alone, nor the various interviews and television consultations I provide throughout the year. So, after much prayer and contemplation, I believe firmly that God has inspired me to take the next major step.

What this ministry needs to do is extend its reach, which means finding a platform to make its voice heard. With that said, beginning January 2020, we will begin broadcasting EXPEDITION TRUTH, a weekly digital radio talk show. My plans are to cover a wide variety of issues, ranging from the philosophical and theological, to topics in history, culture, metapolitics, the supernatural, and the paranormal. Each week I intend to bring you fascinating discussion with guests who are well known for their expertise in their respective fields. Some of the specific topics that are planned include:
  • The Supernatural Worldview of the Bible
  • Nephilim, Watchers, and Enoch
  • The Divine Council
  • Marxism and Socialism
  • Radical Environmentalism
  • Technocracy
  • Globalism
  • Arguments for the Existence of God
  • Human Consciousness: What Is It?
  • A Biblical Understanding of the UFO Phenomena 
  • The Unscientific World of Atheism
  • Masculinity Under Assault
  • Leftist Ideology in Media: How Do We Respond?
  • The Error of Feminism
  • Near Eastern Mythology: Not So Mythical After All
  • The Pagan Resurgence
  • Transhumanism
  • And many more
In addition, I plan to host and moderate debates on some of the key issues of culture, politics, and science, between guests with biblical principles and values, and those who oppose the biblical worldview.

The program will be live and interactive. Listeners will be able to engage both myself (the host) and the guests via chat, as well as a call in feature permitting even more direct interaction.

This will help us reach people throughout the world with the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and the biblical supernatural worldview! 

The program will be listener supported, and this is where you come in. It costs money to pay for air time, and all I propose is this: those of you who enjoy content like this, and who, after praying about it, feel led to support the show financially, to visit our Patreon page and pledge whatever level you can each month. The various tiers start at just $1 per month. Now, if you can't afford to support the broadcast financially, please support it with your prayers, which are very important to our success as well. So there it is! This is the new direction and new opportunity God has provided. I'll forge ahead, doing what God has called me to do. I will continue to provide articles here, so that isn't going away, we're just increasing our reach! Please pray about being a part of it, and thank you so much for visiting this website, reading the articles, and for your continued prayers. May our Lord bless each of you. Click HERE  to visit the Patreon.


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