Thursday, April 27, 2017

The Ancient Christian Book of Common Prayer

I am working on a prayer book tentatively titled The Ancient Christian Book of Common Prayer. It currently includes the Liturgy of St. Hippolytus of Rome, Morning and Evening prayer, Baptism, and a host of other rites taken from the Apostolic Constitutions and writings of the Church Fathers. My desire is for this book to be a comprehensive prayer book for use by individuals and churches/small groups that are serious about Paleo-Orthodoxy. This is where I turn to you, my readers.

  • What would you like to see included in such a prayer book?
  • What rites?
  • Would you like supplemental reading/devotional material from the Church Fathers included?
  • I plan to produce both hardcover and softcover versions. In hardcover do you prefer color interior art or no?

I sincerely desire your feedback. Let me know what you think!


  1. the liturgies of St. Bail, St. James (and pro and con as to whether the Apostle James wrote it or not) and St. John Chrysostom, with notation showing what came from the earlier period and developed into the later Holy Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom.

  2. Thank you for your feedback. There is certainly a lot of work to do with regard to the liturgy of St. James. One can detect early Christian aspects in it, but buried deeply within layers of accretions over time. The same would be the case with those of Basil and Chrysostom. The purpose of the Ancient Christian Book of Common Prayer is to be a functional prayer book, which would exclude such examination.

  3. I need to connect with you more....we do not have Internet at home, so computer is not the best....but I have been working on something very similar and would love to share more....perhaps you should bring your family up some day soon (we live north of Dayton). OUr little group has actually been using a liturgy similar to what you have for a long time (with an agape meal as well). Keep in touch....