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Racism and the Cultural Marxist Campus

What many know as the Progressive Movement and Globalism are in actuality the products and geo-political arms of Cultural Marxism, which is alive and well on college campuses in both the United States and throughout Europe. The ultimate aim of this revolutionary worldview is to eradicate all cultural differences in favor of a mono-culture, all unique national identity and borders, anything and everything at all reflecting Christian values, morals, and ethics, and enslave all individuals to a Global State wherein they are reduced to simple production-consumption drones, mere economic units with little to no recognized inherent value in any metaphysical sense. The New Age Movement, one of the spiritual deceptions of Cultural Marxism, refers to this desire in the terms of a “higher consciousness”, which once achieved by the occult adept allows them to understand the philosophical truth of everyone and everything as interconnected and interdependent, while denying individual freedom and the right of individuals and nations to self determination as "racism", "divisive", "religiously intolerant", etc. The college student achieves this higher consciousness, when he no longer views one culture or social outlook as superior to another culture or social outlook. The main effort of the Cultural Marxist is to brainwash the student to both view his own culture (i.e., Western Christian culture) as the embodiment of all that is evil, and consequently, assume a mental stance of “openness” to foreign and often antithetical values present in other, non-Western cultures. 

In fact, this consciousness actually demands the Western European Christian revile his culture and religion with a vehemence that can be called nothing but self hate. We can see this in the Leftist media, where young people are compelled to constantly apologize for the perceived evils of both, and indeed to apologize for their very own existence. In this radical Leftist geo-political worldview all cultures are celebrated as superior to that established by Western European Christian thought and peoples. And while they march in Washington demanding the freedom to kill unborn infants through abortion, demand that illegal immigrants be free to violate our laws, freedom is actually just used as one part of the agenda to take away all freedoms. Notice how this is demonstrated in their behavior toward their critics, whom they demand be silenced by all means available, even violence. Consider for example the young Latina woman who appeared on CNN saying, "There will be casualties on both sides. There will be, because people have to die to make a change in this world..." Or we could look at the example of the Black Lives Matter movement, who had members calling for the killing of white people and the confiscation of their property on the basis of "reparations". And the Berkeley Campus riots are a very clear expression of the hate, violence and contempt these revolutionaries have for those with whom they disagree. 

"They came in a military fashion, they were well rehearsed,", said UC Berkeley spokesman Dan Mogulof on the night of the protests. "They seemed armed and dangerous." 1

A Marxist Curriculum 
As in all egalitarian efforts, this process of “equalization” amounts to an attempt to “level the playing field,” or make “fair” that which has traditionally been considered to be superior. The Cultural Marxists achieve this result by introducing courses into the college curriculum which both exalt other cultures and, most importantly, focus on a propaganda that reinforces the idea of the absolute evil of Western European Christian culture. You might think that the Leftists would be frustrated in their attempt to exalt the “suppressed and oppressed” non-Western European cultures, basically because the facts of those preferred cultures clearly affirm their inferiority in many areas, or that students generally aren’t interested. Or perhaps one might think students would see the obvious great works and great ideas of Western Christian culture on their own and see what a farce the propaganda is. This obviously is not the case. 

The National Endowment for the Humanities reports that it is possible to graduate from 37% of American colleges without taking a course in history, from 45% without taking a course in American or English literature, from 62% without taking any philosophy, and from 77% without studying a foreign language. Indeed they state it is now “extremely rare” to find students exposed to a core curriculum in Western European civilization, even at major state universities and the elite Ivy League universities. Not only is the average American undergraduate seemingly unfit, and definitely uninterested, in such expanded cultural “awareness,” but the very purveyors of Cultural Marxism, the university faculties, are themselves obviously uninterested in any serious study of the ideas, habits, and customs which make up the content of Western European Christian cultures. They simply do not fit the revolutionary ideology of the revolutionary cabal. 

Race and Cultural Marxism 
Despite the facade of racial equality these Social Justice Warriors claim to represent and defend, real racial discrimination is often allowed on campus in certain specific forms. These colleges allow racism from the minority population since the ideologies of these Leftist racist groups and professors promotes their revolutionary goals by denigrating Western European Christian culture. For example. Dr. Leonard Jeffries, chairman of the Afro-American Studies Department at City College of New York, is well known for his claim that whites are biologically inferior to blacks. Dinesh D’Souza in his book “Illiberal Education: the Politics of Race and Sex on Campus” cites the college newspaper The Campus as stating:

"African American scholar Leonard Jeffries claims that whites are biologically inferior to blacks....Adopting an evolutionary perspective, Jeffries told his class that whites suffer from an inadequate supply of melanin, making them unable to function as effectively as other groups. One reason that whites have perpetuated so many crimes and atrocities, Jeffries argues, is that the Ice Age caused the deformation of white genes, while blacks were enhanced by “the value system of the sun.” 

There were no protests of Dr. Jeffries visit. And almost certainly, if there had been protests they would have been denounced by both the university and the mainstream media as “racist.” Dr. Jeffries was subsequently asked to co-author a multicultural curriculum outline for all New York public schools. Ask yourself the logical question. Would a conservative minded Christian of Western European heritage who has a high view of his own cultural history be asked to do the same? 

Another recent example is that of the "Students4Justice" of the University of Michigan who have demanded that campus officials provide them with a no whites allowed area, claiming they need "a space solely committed to community organizing and social justice work specifically for people of color." (UMich Students Demand No Whites Allowed Space)

High schools are not immune to this problem either. One high school has vowed not to purchase music by white composers for its band.

And lets not forget perhaps one of the most ignorant statements to come from a Leftist that all whites should kill themselves. Adam Kotsko, a professor at Shimer College in Chicago, claims that all whites are complicit in American slavery. He writes, "Whether or not your individual ancestors owned slaves, you as a white person have benefited from slavery and are complicit in it." His solution? Simple. He says we "should commit mass suicide." This disturbed man goes on to claim that those of Western European ancestry "exist solely to legitimate the subordination and exploitation of other races." 

There are many practical consequences of the Marxist anti-European ideological pogrom. In their drive to implement the numerical appearance of equality on the university level, college administrators have engaged in “affirmative action” programs in which professors are hired and students admitted, not because they are the most deserving or qualified, but rather, because they happen to be female, African American, Hispanic, or Native American. Interestingly enough, Asians rarely benefit from such programs, probably because they are not in the pool of potential recruits for the Left and by and large tend to be conservative. This systematic disregard for academic qualifications, along with the proliferation of anti-Western European courses has resulted in a decline in academic standards and achievement. Nothing else can be expected if students and faculty are not chosen based on the quality of their minds, but rather their gender and skin color. It should also be noted that African Americans who identify as conservative or Republicans rarely benefit from these same programs and are often ostracized by the predominant Leftist African American subculture. 

In a 1989 survey of 5,000 university faculty members by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching they found “widespread lowering of academic standards at their institutions.” This hasn't changed in 2017 and the decline is only partially masked by an equally “widespread grade inflation.” 

Moreover, a review of 25,000 student transcripts by Professor Robert Zemsky of the University of Pennsylvania showed broad neglect of mathematics and science courses, especially at the advanced level, and an overall “lack of depth and structure” in what undergraduates study. 

There is something, however, which the Marxists can build on and exploit for their own ends. It is the training in relativism and egalitarianism which now characterizes the moral outlook of almost all American undergraduates. For example, when you meet a student with some form of religious faith, he never attempts to defend or support the intrinsic veracity of the doctrines which they hold to, but rather, are content to say that “this is what I believe” and “other people believe other things and are equally right,” therefore, we can never know who is right or wrong. Thus, the primary virtue becomes “tolerance”. “Tolerance” for the Cultural Marxist is defined as accepting the opinions of others as absolutely true and valid. That tolerance, however, is not extended to those they deem to be “intolerant” (i.e., Christians, people of Western European heritage, traditional minded women, etc.). The same student who will tolerate Louis Farrakhan calling Caucasians devils, or the New Black Panthers publicly putting a hit out on someone as in the Trayvon Martin case; or who see no problem with Black Lives Matter adherents calling for the murder of whites- the same “tolerant” Social Justice Warrior will quickly turn vicious on a Christian group sponsoring events on campus, or offering thanks to God at their graduation, or a fellow student who simply supports President Trump

What Can Be Done?
Is there any way we can reach the minds that the Left is so very good at brainwashing? We can, but the fact is we have to at the same time resurrect the culture we wish to teach them. The Western European Christian culture, with its emphasis on freedom as well as national and personal responsibility, have always been at the core. We must find ways to transmit the fullness of that culture to our children. Our children must be taught that it is okay to be proud of their heritage, to recognize and stand up for objective truth, and never allow themselves to be enslaved by those who would make them hate themselves, their faith and their culture. We must expose our children to these great ideals as expressed in traditional Western Christian art, music, customs, festivals, manners, and behaviors. Faith and identity are behavioral. They are a spiritual connection to our past, a timeless participation in the spirit of our forefathers who fought for our lands and faith, who sacrificed, bled, and died to secure them for future generations. If we want to render our children immune to the revolutionary ideology of the Cultural Marxists, we must teach them by example how to live the beauty of our heritage, and that first and foremost through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We must place within their hearts an awareness of God and His hand in our lives and in our shared future. Intellectually we must teach our children to identify with those who have cultivated all that is good and life supporting in our past and not to accept the racist lies of the revolutionary Left.

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