Art: From Divine Expression to Expressing Depravity

Art isn't a subject many think about when studying Sacred Scripture or apologetics, yet Scripture speaks to the arts. The first mention of art is God's instructions to Moses on the construction of the Ark of the Covenant, and God's choosing of specific artisans  to create artistic designs to beautify the tent it was placed in (Exodus 31). God says, "In the hearts of all who are skillful I have put skill." (Exodus 31:16, NASB) I Kings informs us that, when Solomon was building the temple, "artistic frames" were made for it. (I Kings 6:4) It is apparent that God approves of art. In fact, God is the greatest artist, having fashioned the entire universe and all life. 

Each and every skill that humanity possesses finds its created purpose when, and only when, it is used to bring glory to God, and thus inspire humanity to its own created purpose, which is to be the expressed image of God the Son- Jesus Christ. Skills such as music, painting, sculpture, film, photography, and architecture must be brought to the touchstone of Sacred Scripture wherein each will find the wisdom of their respective proper uses. Once we understand and apply our art in conformity with the will of God, the works we create naturally give expression to the characteristics of God Himself; i.e. beauty, order, love, will, peace, strength, Exodus 31 provides three principles by which we are to judge any claim to artistic expression.

1. It must be truly artistic. That is, creative. It must be a substantive representation of the object.

2. It must be well crafted. This lends it a worth, a value due to its faithful expression of the qualities of the object.

3. It must be inspired by the qualities of the divine mentioned previously. That is, beauty, love, will, strength, peace, and order.

Modern, or Contemporary, "art"- falsely so-called, is in reality the antithesis of true artistic expression. It is "anti-art", if you will. It is the expression of egalitarianism, an ideology that, in the field of the arts, promotes the idea that art is something anyone can do, and for which there is no God given talent. This has the result of degrading the quality of art, rendering Modern art an ugly, twisted version of real art. This is not unlike everything else Satan counterfeits. Real art, in the Christian sense, is an expression and celebration of the virtuous; the aesthetics of beauty, culture, strength, indomitable will, love, order, worship of God, and all that arises from true religion. Meanwhile, contemporary art is an expression and celebration of all that is ugly, all that is common, immoral, that militates against the human will and order, and seeks to choke the last breath out of true religion. True art cannot solicit sinful responses from those who observe it. (Mark 9:42) Clearly, many works of contemporary artists do just this, from the disgusting female "artist" sitting nude in a gallery, knitting with yarn placed in her vagina as she menstruates, to the placing of a cross representing the crucifixion of Christ in a jar of urine, down to the video "art" of an Asian woman shaving her vagina violently, these works are designed specifically to glorify all that is disordered. It is dysfunction praised by the equally disordered Cultural Marxist elitist precisely because it seeks to destroy that which gives expression to the higher qualities Man is called to express by his Creator. In the final analysis, contemporary art is nothing more than an act of hate against both God and a healthy organic society. 


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