The "Gospel of Jesus' Wife" Papyrus Deemed a "Probable Fake"

The Atlantic is reporting that Karen  King is now convinced that the papyrus is a "probable forgery" after reading THIS investigative report.
For four years, Karen L. King, a Harvard historian of Christianity, has defended the so-called “Gospel of Jesus’s Wife” against scholars who argued it was a forgery. But Thursday, for the first time, King said the papyrus—which she introduced to the world in 2012—is a probable fake.
Although she had exchanged numerous emails with the owner and had met him in December 2011, she realized after reading an investigation by Ariel Sabar of The Antlantic that she knew next to nothing about him, she said. Walter Fritz had never mentioned his years at the Free University’s Egyptology institute, his formal study of Coptic, or his work as a pornographer whose star actress was his own wife—a woman who’d written a book of “universal truths” and claimed to channel the voices of angels. He had presented himself to her as a “family man” who enjoyed trips to Disney World and was independently wealthy.
“I had no idea about this guy, obviously,” she said. “He lied to me.”