A Note on Wisdom

If there is one thing our culture needs right now it is a healthy dose of wisdom. Sadly, the traditional Christian morals and ethics that helped to make the United States a great nation are no longer welcome in politics or social issues. The moral relativism and political activism of Cultural Marxism have replaced the Biblical foundations of American culture. Yes, wisdom is a rare commodity. In light of this I'd like to share with you a few of the things I've learned about wisdom. My thanks to Dr. Allen Brown of God's Bible College in Cincinnati for teaching me this valuable lesson.

What is Wisdom?
Simply put, wisdom is the skill or ability to view life and all of its components from God's perspective, and as a result, to make God honoring choices and keep the proper focus. What is God's perspective? It is found throughout the Sacred Scriptures, both the Old and New Testaments. 

How do we keep the proper focus?
Focus is controlled by the questions we ask. Unfortunately, most of us have the improper focus. We whine and complain about life's difficulties. We ask, 'Why me?', 'Why this?', 'Why now?', 'Why won't God answer my prayer?'

The proper focus questions are:
  • What is God wishing to teach me in this situation?
  • How can this situation make me more Christ-like in my thoughts, attitudes, and actions?
  • What can I be thankful for in this situation?
  • How can I show Christ to others in this situation?
  • What would Jesus think about, meditate on, or say in this situation?
  • What would Jesus do in this situation?
These are the proper focus questions based on wisdom. When we ask those improper questions in our best whining tone, we're actually manifesting some unbiblical presupositions.

1. Ownership- A belief that we are owners (rather than managers) of the material blessings God has given us.The more material wealth we have, the greater our responsibility and accountability to God as managers. 

2. Self Rights- A belief that we deserve better than we have been blessed with. These types fall prey to false teachers like Joel Osteen, since they believe they deserve to be healthy, wealthy, and liked by everyone. On another level, these types believe that if we have a "mustard seed" of faith, we can claim "promises", defeat Satan, and enjoy material abundance in this life. This unbiblical view presupposes that God owes us something, or is some sort of cosmic vendor dispensing goods and services like an automaton. The truth is, the only thing we deserve from God is wrath and damnation. (Romans 3:23; 6:23)

Keep in mind that trials and problems do not build faith; they reveal the strength or weakness of our faith. (James 1:3) When we respond to trials with the proper focus, we are on our way to making wisdom an integral part of our lives.